An innovative service that transforms images into decision-support tools for ecosystem management





The CASSIA® approach

Cassia® is an innovative approach of ecosystem mapping based on artificial intelligence tools resulting from scientific research. The innovative Cassia® approach enables professional experts (ecologists, soil scientists, agronomists, planners, etc.) to transfer their expertise to large areas (up to several hundred km2) in a fast, reliable and repeatable manner. Cassia® thus provides managers with decision-support tools (DSTs) offering precise and reusable information that can be updated on demand.

In a context where ecosystems are at the heart of increasingly important issues, having rapid access to accurate and homogeneous information on a large scale is a necessity.
The Cassia® innovation is an expert approach at the service of land managers.
After collecting data (field missions, orthophotographs, open data, etc.), our experts will use Cassia® technology, which enables them to scale up the results of their diagnoses to very large scales.
Once the automated treatments have been carried out, our experts rigorously validate the results obtained, including with field missions.
Finally, post-processing and data merging are carried out to provide operational tools to managers.
Photographic credit : © IGN 2019.

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