Cassia® Offer

The Cassia approach is a tailor-made service offer adapted to many needs. With many years of experience, we adapt our approach to your issues and priorities.

The strength of the Cassia® approach lies in its ability to achieve an objective transfer of scale of professional expertise and thus present a cost/benefit ratio of incomparable competitiveness the larger the surface areas and/or the greater the recurrence required.

We are at your service throughout the project with the mobilisation of a project team combining professional experts (botanists, agronomists, etc.) and technical experts (data acquisition, image processing, dashboard, etc.).


As each project is unique, we always take the time to discuss your needs and the available data.
If necessary, we can carry out a technical feasibility test to confirm the adequacy between your needs and the available data.


Depending on the objectives, it is often appropriate to carry out a dedicated data acquisition. This is particularly true if recent information is required or if the phenology of the species of interest is a key factor of success.
In order to best respond to this key step, Valorhiz has developed optimised specifications for the Cassia® approach which allows very high-quality data to be obtained.


This phase allows the artificial intelligence to learn to recognise entities of interest. Depending on the project, this may require a field campaign (conducted by our experts) in order to have a reference base to support the learning process. It is also possible to have a remote learning process carried out by a local expert.

Application and validation

After the Cassia® learning is applied at the project scale (up to several hundreds of km²), we always do an expert validation of the outputs in order to adjust the result if needed, including by doing complementary field work if required.


We adapt our deliveries to your needs, from a captioned map to a periodically updated dashboard, including a diagnosis with recommendations for management actions or customised decision-support tools (DSTs).